South Philly, get in the discussion with “On the Table Philly”

Join Bok next week to discuss what can be done to help the community thrive.

“On the Table Philly” is a day dedicated to elevating civic conversations, fostering new relationships and creating unifying experiences in the region. “On the Table Philly” seeks to connect individuals and communities of diverse perspectives and backgrounds in a series of mealtime discussions. Every one of us has the power to make our communities great. It simply takes commitment.

South Philly residents, let your voice be heard! Want to participate in On the Table Philly, but don’t want to host a table? Join Bok to discuss what can be done to help the community thrive. You must RSVP here and #LetsTalkPhilly

On Nov. 8, the Philadelphia Foundation invites all Greater Philadelphia residents along with their families, neighbors, colleagues and friends, old and new, to pull up a chair, share a meal and discuss the ways in which we — as individuals and collectively — can work to make our communities stronger, safer and more dynamic. Following the event, stories will be shared to inform and inspire new solutions that address our needs and wants, and ultimately to begin to build a deeper and broader civic voice in our region.

This year, The Philadelphia Foundation will help On the Table Philly participants move their conversations to action, offering Activate mini grants to spark implementation of selected ideas. Close to $50,000 will be available in maximum amounts of $1,000 each through a partnership with Philadelphia Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC).