Letters-to-the-Editor: Response to Tom Cardella’s column about Trump

Two "South Philly Review" readers respond to Tom Cardella's Oct. 16 column regarding President Trump.

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The Oct. 16 issue of the SPR is filled with fascinating reports about our dynamic community from church news, housing developments and popular restaurants, to arts and entertainment.

And then there is the enduring opinion column by Tom Cardella. This week’s piece, “The Cult,” is devoted to analyzing the apparent unstinting devotion of 36% of voters for President Donald Trump. Cardella compares these supporters to members of a cult – implying that they are brainwashed and ignorant.

I would caution Cardella to avoid the same series of logical fallacies that Trump continuously employs. For example, Trump likes to make untrue generalizations such as when he categorizes all illegal immigrants as drug-dealing criminals. It is just as much a mistake to generalize about Trump followers.

Trump repeatedly uses the ad hominem or personal attack fallacy – throwing insults at his opponents to influence voters – such as “lying Ted,” “crooked Hillary,” “sleepy Joe.” We must all be careful about labeling people.

Then there is Trump’s bandwagon fallacy of claiming that large crowd sizes validate the truth of his argument. He further appeals to his large audience’s wisdom as further proof of his veracity. He then tells them it must all be so because he says it is – a circular argument.

Cardella is right that Trump appeals to emotion, to prejudice, to fear of the other. It goes on and on. Cardella is also correct that Trump switches sides according to what advances his purpose.

As tempting as it is to hurl insults at the president and his followers, the best response is to address his many fallacies with reason and truth.

-Gloria C. Endres

“Expose the Democrat agenda, Cardella”

I’ve got something to say, and it’s about Tom Cardella’s constant denigration of the president and Trump supporters.  He called us a cult in his recent article and insinuated Trump’s policies emulated Mao, Hitler and Stalin (dictators who killed millions of people). These accusations are not just words. He is expressing detestation for this president because he has a political Democrat agenda. Unfortunately, he wears blindfolds and ear plugs. He’s not listening to the Democratic proposals. Pelosi and her cronies are vying to make America a socialist/communist society.

All the propaganda he writes about the president is his opinion, and that’s fine. What he’s not writing about is the Democrat agenda. “Medicare for All.”  It’s a fantasy, not a healthcare resolution. Millions of people will lose their private insurance, jobs, hospitals, doctors. “Open Borders.” Taxpayers will be responsible for illegals’ healthcare, welfare, education and housing while veterans and homeless live in the streets and beg to survive. “Free Everything.” Taxpayers will absorb the costs. Wealthy corporations/jobs will leave the country to avoid high taxes. “Late-Term Abortions.” This is not free choice, it’s murder. Tax exemptions for religious organizations removed. Churches will close. “Confiscation of Guns.” Invasion of private homes by police? “Climate Deal.” Destruction of the economy and radical solutions.

Americans will never accept socialism.  The Silent Majority will vote intelligently.

-Fran Gallo