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Letter to the Editor: Way to Go South Philly

Stock Photo/Pixabay

The headline in last week’s SPR (“In wake of explosion, community comes together”) says it all. Articles by reporters Mark Zimmaro and Tom Beck describe the amazing generosity of neighbors and small businesses like Cosmi’s Deli, Benna’s Cafe, Mike’s BBQ, Function Coffee Labs and Termini Bros Bakery that all pitched in to aid their stricken South 8th Street community.

Also, many thanks go to the generosity of The East Passyunk Avenue Business Improvement District under the leadership of executive director Adam Leiter as well as contributions through the 9th Street office of state Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler.

There were, in addition, of course, to heroic first responders, numerous anonymous individuals who also answered the emergency. It should give all of us who share this amazing neighborhood a great sense of security to know how our great community responds in a crisis.

Meanwhile, let’s pray that our city and state respond with the right support to ensure this tragedy does not happen again.

– Gloria C. Endres

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