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AlchemLife USA, Stevenson Advocacy donate immunity-boosting lozenges to Jefferson

AlchemLife USA Vice President Tabitha Albert

AlchemLife USA, a Center City-based manufacturer of neutraceuticals and herbal extracts, in partnership with Stevenson Advocacy LLC, a business development, government affairs and international relations consulting firm operated by South Philadelphia resident Brian Stevenson, are donating 10,000 packages of immunity-boosting Phytorelief lozenges worth $150,000 to Jefferson Health System doctors, nurses and healthcare workers.

The lozenges are intended to help tired healthcare workers protect their own depleted immune systems during the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re proud to be able to make this humanitarian contribution in coordination with Stevenson Advocacy, a trusted business partner in Philadelphia, for the benefit of medical professionals who are working so hard to save lives,” said AlchemLife USA Vice President Tabitha Albert

“I have many friends in the city’s network of hospitals and healthcare facilities,” added Stevenson, the CEO. “I know that many doctors and nurses are working around the clock at present. I also know how much they will appreciate receiving this donation of a wonderful, 100% organic, immunity-boosting product right now, when they need it most.”

The lozenges have a blend of natural, active ingredients. Phytorelief features a method of extracting active plant phytonutrients to provide natural, beneficial health support products through synergistic extracts. It supports normal healthy immune function through the use of ginger, pomegranate and turmeric extracts.

“We thank AlchemLife USA and Stevenson Advocacy for supporting our front line staff  at this challenging time,” said Richard J. Webster, president of Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals Inc.

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