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City compiles list of open Pharmacies

Due to ongoing protests in the city, many pharmacies have closed in the area. The Philadelphia Department of Public Health has compiled a list of open pharmacies and low cost prescription delivery options for residents.

According to the Department of Health, there are currently (as of June 5) eight pharmacies that are still open in South Philadelphia.

The list includes CVS locations at 2132 South Street, 1051 South Street, 421 S. 2nd Street, 1001 Washington Avenue, 1901 W. Oregon Avenue, 3300 S. Broad Street and 1405 S. 10th Street. CVS is offering free prescription delivery. Visit https://www.cvs.com/content/delivery for more information. Residents should call the specific branch to confirm store hours.

The Walgreens at 1334 Bainbridge is also open and prescription delivery is also available. Call (215) 625-7902 to confirm store hours.

If residents need a prescription filled and the regular pharmacy is inaccessible, the Department of Health suggests going to another store in the same pharmacy chain. All stores within a chain will have prescription information.

If residents cannot find a store in the same chain, they should go to an open store from a different pharmacy chain and ask the pharmacist to request your prescription information from the chain you regularly go to.

If your regular pharmacy was not part of a chain, or other pharmacists cannot get the information, contact your doctor to get a new prescription sent to a pharmacy that is open.

More information and changes to the pharmacy list will be available at https://www.phila.gov/departments/department-of-public-health/.

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