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Hunt launches congressional campaign

Philadelphia-based public health researcher and grassroots organizer Alexandra Hunt officially launched her campaign for Pennsylvania’s 3rd Congressional District, which covers parts of South Philadelphia.

Hunt plans to challenge Rep. Dwight Evans in the Democratic primary.

“I come from a working-class background. I’m no stranger to trauma,” Hunt said in a statement. “I work as a public health researcher immersed in the race, gender and class disparities of our broken healthcare system, and the data shows we need a progressive platform to save lives. As a coalition builder and grassroots organizer, I know firsthand that bringing about real change requires hard work.”

Hunt said Evans “runs on progressive promises, but has failed to bring systemic changes during his 40-year political career.”

“Our communities are in crisis,” Hunt said. “We need a leader bold enough to meet the moment and fight for radical progressive change, which is why I’m fighting for Medicare for All, institutionalized racial justice across our education, housing and criminal justice systems and a Green New Deal.”

Hunt says her candidacy carries “the urgency of a public health worker whose representative opposes Medicare for All as a pandemic bears down upon her city.” Hunt worked on Philly’s frontline of the pandemic supporting testing facilities and lab research, delivering food and supplies to “vulnerable” communities and protesting to protect housing rights. She believes the health disparities and economic stress of the COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately affects “people of color” and low-income communities across Philadelphia and America.

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