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Kozma opens exhibition at Paradigm

Artist Kelly Kozma shows a piece of her artwork at a celebration of the Paradigm Gallery and Studio’s 10-year anniversary last year. Her solo exhibition Rerouting will open on May 28. Photo/Mark Zimmaro.

Mixed media and fiber artist Kelly Kozma will unveil a solo exhibition on display at the Paradigm Gallery + Studio at 746 S. 4th St.

Beginning on May 28 through June 20, the exhibition Rerouting is a never-before-seen series that chronicles Kozma’s journey of processing grief and trauma through her art, and emerging into a place of genuine joy.

The exhibition, which is Kozma’s fifth at Paradigm, will feature more than 80 works. For ticket information, visit https://www.paradigmarts.org/.

Kozma’s vibrant and playful hand-embroidered art began as a mending meditative practice. Where in previous works her stitching operated as an accent, in this exhibition it takes center stage. Through the repetitive and time-consuming act of French knotting, the artist covered entire surfaces with soft swaths of thread, creating compositions that are both abundant and restorative, each often taking a month or more to embroider. Through this patient process, she metaphorically filled in the empty spaces left from her personal losses. 

Rerouting will be open for regular weekend hours (Saturdays 11-6 and Sundays 11-5) with limited capacity and is available to view by private appointment during the week. For those interested in viewing the show virtually, a twin exhibition will be held online at https://www.paradigmarts.org/.

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