Police investigate threatening letter

Philadelphia detectives investigated a threatening letter that was sent to the Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia.

According to police, the anonymous typed letter was dated June 30 and was sent to the organization via U.S. mail. According to authorities, the author claimed in the letter that constant fireworks set off at Mifflin Square Park in South Philly’s Whitman neighborhood were affecting the sleep and mental health of the author, who claimed to be a former military member. The author also infers that if the fireworks continued, the author would cause harm to responsible parties by utilizing weapons that the author had available, police said.

Police began investigating the claim on July 5, immediately after they received the complaint and looked into the origin of the letter and the validity of threats in the complaint.

On July 7, detectives located a 79-year-old woman who claimed to be the author of the letter. After questioning, police determined the claims in the letter were untrue including the author’s claim of having a military background and accessibility to weapons.

The Philadelphia Police Department has forwarded the findings of the investigation to the District Attorney’s Office for further review and possible criminal charges.