Around Town: Lightning Rod Special releases new audio work

Lightning Rod Special recently released “We Are Trying to Reach You”, the next installment of the Sound Break series of audio works.

Katie Gould, owner of KG Strong studio, creates a new work inspired by her years-long

struggle with infertility. Centered around actual voicemails left on Gould’s phone while she was undergoing in vitro fertilization, the “We Are Trying to Reach You” is an original audio work that dives into the medical, financial, and emotional realities of one woman’s experience with infertility. 

Created by Katie Gould along with director/creator Alice Yorke and Sound Designer Madeleine Oldham with performances by Lori Felipe-Barkin, “We Are Trying to Reach You” brings Lightning Rod Special’s provocative approach to the buzzing chaos that one woman faces as she strives to start a family.

We Are Trying to Reach You will be available for free online to the public on, and on all streaming platforms.