Letter to the Editor: Clean up the mess

I’ve been told by 311 that you are now allowed to keep your trash and recyclable containers on the sidewalk. Back in the day, our parents took pride of their fronts, cleaning their white steps, sweeping up after trash day and even opening the fire hydrant to wash down the street.

Today, when you drive through the streets, there are open bags of trash, thrown on the sidewalks after collection, the day of, or after trash day that sit till next week. What’s next, just open your door and throw trash out? Our streets look like a third-world country. I once got a ticket along with 2 other neighbors for putting my trash out before 7 p.m. the night before. How efficient they were for a matter of hours, yet this is now going on.

I know it’s a pain to bring your blue recycling bucket in and out through your house, especially in bad weather, but the city should approve using blue plastic bags and maybe even sell them to make money and stop this storing the recycle buckets in front of your house.

Do the officials who make these rules live like this or do they live in highfalutin neighborhoods? Where are the regulatory agencies that should be watching this and enforcing the rules? Who made these rules that are destroying the look of our historic neighborhood?

Nancy Cappiello