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Paradigm opens new exhibitions

Paradigm Gallery will welcome a pair of new solo exhibitions to its studio at 746 S. 4th St. in Queen Village this month.

Give Me My Flowers by photographer Shakira Hunt and KEEPSAKES: Storied by painter Crystal Latimer will open on Oct. 22 and run through Nov. 20. An in-person opening reception will take place on Oct. 22 from 5:30-8 p.m.

Though the artists embody distinct approaches, visual styles and mediums, the shows reflect complementary themes and stories: While Crystal depicts the masculine energy in women, Shakira unveils the feminine energy in men. Together, the exhibitions complicate and expand traditionally restricted conceptions of gender roles and selfhood in today’s world.

Both exhibitions examine, interrogate and ultimately expand the stories people tell themselves — and that society tells people — about the capacity for strength and for softness, for vulnerability and for freedom.

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