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Letter to the Editor: Philly’s historic heritage

I read with fascination Mark Zimmaro’s report on a new history book about our city by South Philly author Jim Murphy (“Exploring Philly history,” Oct. 20).

Even for a place as full of American history as Philadelphia, it was surprising to learn that the city has at least 300 signs that mark locations where important events took place. As Zimmaro reports, Murphy covers 51 of those places in his book, Real Philly History, Real Fast.

How special that Murphy devotes so much attention to historic places in South Philly. For example, I am glad he chose to include the culturally rich Italian Market among those locations to explore.

It was also very clever of Murphy to condense these stories into just a few pages, a great way to include more locations and make it easier for busy readers to, as he put it,” … cut to the chase.”

We are so fortunate to live in an area of the city that provides so much to appreciate along with opportunities to explore our past. We continue to make history by just living each day to the fullest. Bravo to Jim Murphy for adding a new volume to that historic heritage.

Gloria C. Endres

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