Letter to the Editor: A Mighty organization

The South Philadelphia community really needs to thank the editors of the South Philly Review and reporter Joe DiProsperos for his article about the existence of a talented group of volunteers who spend personal time, not only developing writing skills in English and Spanish for students at all levels, but assisting the communities in which they live during these difficult times (“Helping kids think clearly and write with clarity,” Nov. 3).

The founder of the Mighty Writers, Tim Whitaker, is a former middle school teacher who became a successful writer and editor. Thanks to his gifted team of volunteer educators, artists, managers and program developers, the Mighty Writers has made a difference in the lives of over 3,500 young people. I am particularly impressed with how they manage to include physical needs along with the academic issues facing so many students.

It is especially inspiring to read how this team of dedicated mentors, from a variety of backgrounds, manages to pool brains and resources to help struggling students through a widespread field of workshops in two states. They have made it their mission to provide both food and literacy during these hard times.

The Mighty Writers is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization that provides all its services for free, as DiProsperos reports, they need more volunteers like Angela Gomez as well as donations. If anyone wants to find out more about how to donate time or money, here is their website: mightywriters.org.

Now more than ever, anyone who wants to succeed in any field of endeavor needs to be literate. That includes reading and writing skills capable of meeting the demands of a demanding world. Kudos to the Mighty Writers team for filling the gap that too many students experience. 

Gloria C. Endres