Vare Recreation Center receives grant from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

State Rep. and House Democratic Whip Jordan Harris announced that a $525,000 grant has been awarded from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to help improve the Vare Recreation Center in Grays Ferry. 

The grant will help fund various improvements, including pedestrian walkways, stormwater management measures, play equipment, ADA access and landscaping work.

“Coupled with the $250,000 grant we helped deliver last month from the Commonwealth Financing Authority, this DCNR grant will go toward further helping improve Vare for the betterment of our entire community,” Harris said in a press release. 

Harris added that Vare is a “vital location” that allows the neighborhood to “come together in invaluable open green spaces and have constructive options for recreation that help people grow while also addressing the issue of gun violence.”

DCNA funding is administered through the Community Conservation Partnerships Program, which aims to fund neighborhood projects such as the development of public parks and recreational spaces.