State money for Sharswood, Murphy Rec

State Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler secured a $25,000 state grant that will fund school and recreational needs.

Fiedler worked with Whitman Council in partnership with Sharswood Elementary School and Murphy Recreation Center.

“I am so excited to announce that these state grant dollars are being invested right here in our district to support seniors, students and families,” Fiedler said. “Whitman Council is a bedrock for the community and has helped so many seniors, working and low-income families throughout this pandemic keep the roof over their head and put food on the table.”

Fiedler’s district covers South Philly on the east side of Broad Street, which includes the Whitman neighborhood, among others.

Whitman Council, a Neighborhood Advisory Council that serves the community by working with seniors and families on financial needs, is partnering with community groups to invest the funds. 

Maryanne Daniels of Whitman Council worked with Sharswood principal Leigh Vitvitsky to identify where the funds could best serve the school community.

“We distributed roughly $17,000 to Sharswood Elementary School to provide new desks, materials and update their parent room and student resource center,” Daniels said. “These spaces were long overdue for upgrades. The parent resource center will support parents’ needs and serve as a central, welcoming place for families.”

The money invested at the Murphy Recreation Center at 300 Shunk St. will be used to upgrade sporting equipment such as scoreboards and Cornhole boards as well as after-school desks and tables. 

“Investing in schools and in rec centers is essential to supporting our neighbors throughout and beyond this pandemic,” Fiedler said. “I am glad to see these dollars at work.”