Board of Education to announce superintendent candidate finalists in March, seeking public input

The Philadelphia Board of Education recently announced that finalists for the next superintendent for the School District of Philadelphia are expected to be announced in March, with a series of public meetings to follow.

Each finalist will be invited to Philly to connect with district stakeholders and will take part in a public, in-person, live-streamed town hall for all Philly residents. In addition, each finalist will take part in in-person and virtual meetings with students, teachers, principals and parents/guardians.

In preparation for those meetings, the Board is inviting residents to nominate themselves to be one of the 32 people who will meet with the finalists. Nominations, which can be submitted to, up until Monday, Feb. 28, at 11:59 p.m., are currently open for:

  • 10 high school students, virtually 
  • 11 teachers or principals, in-person
  • 11 parents/guardians, in-person

“The upcoming public meetings and town halls are the next opportunity for Philadelphians to participate in the process,” said Joyce Wilkerson, the Board president, in a press release. “The process is ongoing and we are actively meeting with very impressive candidates who truly are aligned with the job profile that reflects what Philadelphians have said they want and need in the next superintendent.”

The Board said it still remains on with its original search timeline, with the new superintendent set to be announced sometime after March.

“We are narrowing down the field and are excited about bringing the finalists to the city,” said Leticia Egea-Hinton, the vice president of the Board. “There is still plenty of work to do, but we have been methodical about the process, sticking with our plan, and we are entering the final phases of the search for the next superintendent for the School District of Philadelphia.”