Pet of the Week: Bring Banjo into your home

Banjo is the quintessential old man, who like most older gentlemen enjoys wearing sweaters when it’s chilly and eating cheese. He can’t see or hear very well, because of that he startles easily. He is mostly a couch potato at home when inside. He enjoys sleeping in a big comfy dog bed the most. Sweaters and hoodies make him feel cozy, so he is good with clothes. He has not attempted to climb stairs or get on any furniture. He does not like to be contained in any way, so no crates or pens for this guy. He loves to go on walks and can hang for a while outside. He enjoys meeting other dogs on walks and really just ignores other people. Food is the way to his heart. He was neutered late in life, so he does like to mark things. In the house he wears a body band and he’s great about it. Accidents are few and far between, but he does need to adhere to a strict(ish) walk schedule four times a day, otherwise there will be accidents. Banjo may do well with dog friends or cats who aren’t very interested in him. He currently lives with overly friendly cats, and can get a bit snippy with them over food or if he is startled. He may do best with only adults or older kids who will respect his grumpy boundaries. He loves to give kisses and get butt scratches, but he has to be fully awake and aware of who is coming at him. He’s a complicated fellow with a lot of sweet quirks. To adopt this sweet gentleman, visit