Letter to the Editor: Read Betsy’s story

I would like to tell my fellow South Philadelphia community about a story running now on bigtriaI.net, which I would like to direct your attention to and ask you to please read. This concerns all of us and how we all need to fight back against prosecutors and the media who get it wrong. I have been very fortunate to have had my story run on bigtrial.net. It tells of what federal prosecutors and the FBI are capable of and how the media team up with them to condemn a defendant. It concerns South Philadelphia and a prosecutor who thinks so little of us that he used the words THOSE PEOPLE in the most derogatory terms to refer to South Philadelphians. We should all be outraged by their behavior. The title is How the Feds & The Inquirer Teamed Up to Destroy Our Lives. The South Philly Review is mentioned in the story, as my husband had been on the cover and mentioned in a few articles about the good works they were doing to beautify our neighborhoods. South Philadelphians are known for their grit and perseverance, I hope you will all see yourselves in my life story.

Betsy Mulgrew