Letters to the Editor: Stephen Girard Park a treasure; Rydell forever

It was so encouraging to read Mark Zimmaro’s report on the renewal of spring activity at the Stephen Girard Park – a 4-acre park in the South Philadelphia neighborhood of Girard Estate, bounded between West Shunk, West Porter, 21st and 22nd streets (“Fun for all at Stephen Girard Park,” April 11). Sponsored social occasions at this beautiful park and recreation area had been suspended for over 2 years.

As Christians celebrate the Easter season, special holiday events for children like Easter egg hunts need careful planning. With permission from the Fairmount Park Commission, the Girard Estate Neighbors Association has always organized such social gatherings.

Now, as Zimmaro reports, they also had help from many volunteers, especially students from Girard Academic Music Program (GAMP). How inspiring that so many sponsors, neighbors, local businesses, food providers and even disc jockeys combined their financial support and talents to make this renewed holiday event unforgettable for the children who participated.

We should all be grateful that there are such collaborators like GENA, the Friends of Stephen Girard Park and an abundance of volunteers to make such joyful outdoor celebrations like the Easter Egg Hunt possible for hundreds of young children. South Philadelphia is so fortunate to have this extraordinary park to enjoy nature and form happy memories. Special thanks to Mark Zimmaro for covering this sweet story.

Gloria C. Endres


Tom Cardella’s Bobby Rydell tribute piece was awesome!

Russ Fama