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Letter to the Editor: Dr. Nche Zama for governor

Throughout my life and career, I have actively worked on behalf of and watched many candidates run for PA governor. I have heard many of them speak as to why they believe they should be governor of our commonwealth and met some face to face, but I have never met a candidate quite like Dr. Nche Zama.

Dr. Zama is the embodiment of the American Dream. As a young teenager, he legally migrated to America to attend college with $20 in his pocket. Through hard work, perseverance and the help of many guardian angels, Dr. Zama became a recognized heart and lung surgeon. Dr. Zama wants to share the American Dream with as many Pennsylvanians as he can. He wants to build high-performance teams to restore excellence in Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania education, healthcare, government.

Dr. Zama is an honest man of great integrity. His approach, his leadership, his compassion and critical thinking are all long overdue in Harrisburg.

I hope you will join me when I vote for Dr. Nche Zama on Election Day, May 17.

Ryan D. McGregor

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