Letter to the Editor: Michael Giangiordano for state representative

I want to wish Mike Giangiordano all the best in running in the May 17 election for state representative in the 184th district. He would be a great state rep for all of us in the 184th district since he is and always has been a lifelong citizen within our South Philly community.

Mike is a caring and wonderful person who has shown not only kindness, but dedication toward the importance of helping out, not only others, but his fellow neighbors, and he would continue on doing so if elected.

His involvement with the Covenant House, helping out with homeless youths, proves just that, that he never gives up on a matter so dear to him and he would never give up on us.

May 17 is just a week away, so get out there and vote, and vote with confidence that Michael Giangiordano would be a great state representative for the 184th district.

Peter A. Iannelli Jr.