Letter to the Editor: Cardella right on COVID

What I want to say is that I loved Tom Cardella’s column for June 1 about how the COVID-19 pandemic is still with us. I have to take SEPTA buses all the time, and they seem to have eased up on their masking requirements, which makes me feel nervous. I also see that at my gym, at the supermarket and elsewhere.

This past Saturday, my housemate and I walked over to check out the Newbold street festival on West Passyunk Avenue. Most people were not wearing face masks, and that looked dangerous to me when they were standing so close together around the music area. Fortunately, there was more social distancing farther down the block where all of those interesting vendors and community groups had tables set up.

I am what you might call “elderly,” and my housemate has an underlying health condition, and there are thousands of people like us in the city. (And of course younger people can get COVID infections, too — especially if they are nonchalant about getting vaccination shots and boosters.) So please be careful, people.

Jeff Keith