Letter to the Editor: Support direct care workers

As we all know, there are many heroes sacrificing and even risking their personal safety during our present health crisis. We recognize all first responders, hospital workers and even teachers who put themselves in danger by working directly with vulnerable populations.

Now thanks to Bryant Greene of Always Best Care Senior Services, we must also acknowledge another group of heroic workers (“Time to recognize worth of direct care workforce,” June 7). These are the caregivers who work with the elderly right in their own homes. As Mr. Greene points out, these healthcare providers are both underappreciated and underpaid. It is time to correct this failure to support these essential workers and the often heroic services they provide homebound patients.

Let me repeat the link he supplied, http://www.pahomecare.org, to send the message urging legislators to adequately support the Medicaid program that pays these direct care workers.  

Gloria C. Endres