Pet of the Week: Give Duke the royal treatment

Duke is a 1-year-old hunk ready to bestow lots of kisses and cuddles with his new family. He’s a real charmer on his walks and will gladly say hello to any passersby. He’s known to charm strangers into belly rubs and lots of “what a good boy you are.” Duke is doing well with house training and he is awesome and quiet in his crate. He finds his crate to be somewhat of a palace when he wants a little downtime. When Duke isn’t snuggling up, he’s enjoying a nice bone or toy. Duke is ready to learn all the best house skills you teach. He’s motivated by treats and affection. Duke loves to play with other dogs and would do great as an only dog or with another submissive dog with proper introductions. He has not met any feline friends yet. If you need to take a road trip, Duke makes the best co-pilot. He’s fine sitting in the back, sticking his tongue out the window or checking to make sure you aren’t lonely in the front. Duke is believed to be an Olde English Bulldogge so don’t mind his adorable smoosh face. If you are ready to give him the royal treatment, apply today at