Letter to the Editor: Great to see Capitolo Playground improvements

Many thanks and high fives to the nonprofit organization Philadelphia Union Foundation for investing $1 million in South Philly’s Capitolo Playground as reported by Mark Zimmaro (“Upgrades unveiled at Capitolo,” July 19).

The needed improvements, especially to the soccer field, will enable more of our youth to participate in healthy, safe, outdoor sports activities.

Also thanks to our very active City Councilmember Mark Squilla for encouraging such projects as part of Philly’s Rebuild. The Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association also deserves our gratitude for joining Philadelphia Union Foundation in promoting the mental, physical and emotional growth of our youth through the sport of soccer.

Personally, as a grandmother, I am especially thankful to see the encouragement of a sport like soccer that does not involve hitting or knocking down opponents. And as a resident of South Philly, I applaud all such improvements that make our neighborhood a better place to live.

Gloria C. Endres