Rittenhouse Fine Arts Show returns in September

The Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show will celebrate its 95th year on Sept. 16-18, securing its distinction as the oldest outdoor fine art show in the country.

The show will host 145 artists from North America and  will return to Rittenhouse Square for one of the nation’s best, originals-only fine art shows. 

The Show began its history in 1928 by a handful of local art students exhibiting art on clotheslines strung between the trees in Rittenhouse Square. The students were known collectively as the Art Students’ League, and had come together at the Graphic Sketch Club, which is now the Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial. The popularity of the “Clothesline Art Show” grew, and the show became an annual Philadelphia destination for tens of thousands of patrons who appreciate and collect fine art.

“It’s our mission to help fine artists share their artwork with others and we’re honored to enhance and enrich the history and the community of Philadelphia in this way,” said Sandra Sedmak Engel, professional artist and Rittenhouse Square Fine Arts Association Board of Directors Chair.

The Fleisher Art Memorial will be part of the art show with a presence in the center of the park. For more information and hours of the show, visit www.rittenhousesquarefineart.com.