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Bhattacharjee opens new exhibition at Da Vinci

Shwarga Bhattacharjee will unveil a new exhibition at the Da Vinci Art Alliance, 704 Catharine St., on Aug. 24.

“When the Subaltern Speaks” will run through Sept. 14, highlighting Bhattacherjee’s experience as an immigrant from Bangladesh living in America through a series of abstract paintings, animated illustration and sculpture. 

Bhattacharjee, Da Vinci Art Alliance’s 2022 Michelle Angela Ortiz Fellow, confronts the lasting and deleterious effects of British post-imperialism, emigration and emergent modern identities in South Asia from an autoethnographic perspective in his new exhibition.

Bhattacharjee is an artist based in North Philadelphia and has shown his work at several venues including Twelve Gates Arts, Vox Populi, Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, Temple Contemporary and the Dhaka Art Summit.

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