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Letter to the Editor: Pipe dreams

It’s such a tragedy seeing all these floods and fires but we are doing nothing to help stop this. I hear infrastructure for bridges, waste management and communications, etc., but nothing about global warming causing these tragedies.

They’re saying that soon we’ll be in serious trouble. I see it now.

If we could build pipelines to pump oil (Keystone 1179 miles through US) why can’t we build pipelines to pump water. Water from flooded areas to those areas of drought. A pipeline would be a monumental undertaking, but can we at least plot out a plan. We probably won’t be alive to see it in action, but for the future of our nation or even the world as we see in nations like Pakistan, we should be looking into this.

Tell me who would be the proper person to contact to look into my proposal.

Nancy Cappiello

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