Celebrating 75 years of the South Philly Review

The South Philly Review is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, and longtime columnist Tom Cardella and regular letter-writer Gloria Endres share their thoughts on our opinion page.

Meanwhile, South Philly has long been the home of the city’s four teams in the major professional sports leagues. Reporter Mark Zimmaro takes a look at 10 big moments that involve the Phillies, Flyers, Eagles, 76ers and more in South Philly.

Also, this page features some pictures of South Philly favorites such as cheesesteaks, Mummers and diners. The Navy Yard still has ships, along with plenty of private employers.

FDR Park remains a place for all kinds of activities.

The Rocky statue, when it was located outside the Spectrum, was a place for people to meet before going inside for a Flyers or Sixers game or a concert. Today, Rocky is adjacent to the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, with tourists stopping by to take their picture with the fictional boxer.

Rocky has remained while several other beloved South Philly figures have been canceled in the last couple of years.

Mayor Jim Kenney ordered the statue of a political foe, former Mayor Frank L. Rizzo, to be removed from outside the Municipal Services Building, even though it was erected seven years after Rizzo died. Even the Italian Market painted over Rizzo’s mural.

The Flyers removed the statue of Kate Smith, whose version of God Bless America helped the franchise win its only two Stanley Cups.

And the city has boxed a statue of Christopher Columbus at Marconi Plaza. A judge has ruled that the city has no right to remove the statue, and the case remains in court.