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Celebrating diversity

The Children’s Playhouse Newbold Center on West Passyunk Avenue celebrated diversity with Multi-Cultural Day on Nov. 23 in recognition of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Each classroom took on a unique character representing different countries that the children’s families come from. Respecting the diversity of children, each room was decorated to reflect that culture with artwork by children, music and even food. 

“The teachers, parents and students turned the whole school into a museum,” said Children’s Playhouse owner Damaris Alvarado-Rodriguez. “Creating the space and attending the event is an example of great parent engagement.”

Alvarado-Rodríguez, an award-winning educator who owns another Children’s Playhouse location at 2501 S. Marshall St. in the Whitman neighborhood, said she feels strongly about the need to respect diversity. Her school formed a Diversity Equity and Inclusion Advisory Committee, and this program reflects the emphasis they apply to respecting differences. “Watching the children learn about each other’s cultures in such a fun, interactive way, is personally rewarding for all of us,” she said. “Lessons start here, while they are young.”

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