Art exhibition on euphoria

Euphoric visions of beliefs, ideas and perspectives will be on display during a new exhibition at PL130 PhotoLounge starting on Jan. 23.

Me and My Euphorie, which runs through Feb. 25, will examine different artists’ views on euphoria. It will be curated by Innocencia Sackey with an open house reception on Feb. 3 from 6-9 p.m.

“It was March 2020 and I had found myself on a never-ending pursuit of joy,” Sackey said. “In response to the pandemic, I made it a project for myself to rediscover the feeling of joy amid worldwide sadness. I found a new community of friends and support and was amazed at their different beliefs, ideas and perspectives on euphoria.

“The purpose of Me and My Euphorie is to show audiences across race, age, disability and gender that your happiness can come from anywhere. The stories behind this project remind us that what makes you feel euphoric is unique. My friend Crvsh finds euphoria from skating and creating beats whereas my other friend Ellie finds it from reading. Joy can be yourself, your culture, your hobbies, your style, being in love or your chosen family. The images featured in Me and My Euphorie come from my experience in the Black and queer communities. The exhibition highlights that it is possible to find joy amid the darkest moments in our lives. Through these images, I hope viewers are reminded of what makes them feel euphoric.”

The PhotoLounge, located at 130 S. 17th St., is a family-run film processing, digitizing and printing lab that has been around for 25 years. PL130, a fine art photography gallery that showcases work from the community, was added in 2021. Prints for the shows, like Me and My Euphorie, are printed in-house at no expense to the artists it features. For the sake of equity, the gallery eschewed any costs associated with entering or exhibiting shows. Rather, costs are sponsored entirely by an active Film Photography Club where members pay $8 in monthly dues to support local art.