Artbox at Lincoln Square at 1000 S. Broad Street is hosting local artist Kate Leibrand’s installation called LINGER.

Leibrand is a fiber and interdisciplinary artist who received her BA in Fine Art from Elizabethtown College and her MFA in Studio Art from Moore College of Art & Design. She also obtained a certification in Botanical Illustration from the Royal Botanical Gardens of Edinburgh, Scotland in 2020. Her work has been shown and sold in numerous exhibitions locally and internationally, and she has lectured and mentored at Moore College of Art. Leibrand has also worked with design clients including Audi, Disney Books, Barney’s NY, Neiman Marcus, and Wasserman Media through her past role as a creative director. She most recently was awarded the Levitties Family Prize for Excellence in Design through the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 

Leibrand’s exhibition is on view through July from Broad Street for all to see.

“As you dart along the city streets, wrapped up in your daily distractions, would you notice a veiled microcosm right next to you?” Liebrand asked. “Buried in rocks of fabric and shrouded from the hustle and bustle of the city streets, LINGER offers viewers the opportunity to idle- if they dare to slow down and look. Although LINGER is technically a public display, it presents itself as a private and esoteric world. The lights creeping through the back illuminate characters that are normally cloaked behind dark window coverings. I chose spider-like creatures to inhabit the portals between stones because of their connection to creation and fabrication. Spiders are known symbolically to be weavers of the designs for life and fate. Within the lit dioramas you can find items of significance within my own life, protectively nestled between textures. LINGER is a celebration of quiet connectivity, the act of dawdling, and never losing one’s sense of wonder.”