Letter to the Editor

Students are the future

I was delighted to read reporter Mark Zimmaro’s piece on the awarding of Samuel A. Green scholarships to Philadelphia-area graduating seniors, especially Academy of Palumbo senior Hae Paw (“Big scholarship award to Palumbo senior,” May 24). She received $15,000 to help support her first two years of college.

Paw was one of only 24 SAG Scholars to earn this generous award. According to the report, she had to submit an essay on how she would use her college education to “impact your community.”

As the article states, this scholarship program has been going on for the last 54 years. The aim is to invest in students who will impact the future of their community. We can only hope.

Samual A. Green founded Firstrust Bank, and his grandson Richard A. Green is in charge of both the bank and the Green Family Foundation that together award these generous scholarships.

So congratulations to Academy at Palumbo senior Hae Paw on receiving this special award toward her college education. And special thanks to the Green family for devoting decades to supporting SAG Scholars and the better future they bring to our communities.

Gloria C. Endres