Letter to the Editor

Give teachers a standing ovation

To say the least, it was very satisfying to read the report on the recent granting of Lindback Awards to 60 distinguished School District of Philadelphia teachers (“7 local teachers honored,” May 31). Plus, a well-deserved cash award accompanied the honor.

The article included the names of all 7 honored teachers from South Philly and their schools, which went from elementary to high school levels. They were especially recognized for their leadership and humanitarian influence on their school communities.

I was especially proud to read that students from Girard Academic Music Program performed for the award recipients. A gifted son of one of my good neighbors is studying there. He plays cello.

At a time when it is very challenging to become an educator, let alone persevere in such a demanding profession, it is so important, even vital, to acknowledge the consistently high performance of dedicated teachers. Teachers in today’s hectic world deserve all the honors they can get. Congratulations to the 60 teachers who earned the 2023 Lindback Award for Distinguished Teaching. Standing ovation to them and to all devoted teachers. Well done.

Gloria C. Endres