Coppin students, Fiedler meet on environment

A group of South Philly second-grade students and their families met with state Rep. Elizabeth Fielder to voice their concerns about the chemical spill that occurred in the Delaware River in March.

Fiedler met with students from Fanny Jackson Coppin Elementary School (formerly Andrew Jackson School) on May 26 in the playground area of Columbus Square to listen to the young children’s concerns. They had been learning about the chemical spill in class from teacher Kate Atkins.

Atkins’ students presented Fiedler with letters to Gov. Josh Shapiro of their concerns about the environment. Student leaders gave speeches and presented Fiedler with their letters, requesting that she deliver them to Shapiro’s office in Harrisburg. 

“These are the leaders of the future,” Fiedler said. “I’m happy to deliver their letters and continue supporting their advocacy.”

Fiedler presented the students with a signed letter of support commending their high level of civic engagement.

“As the parent of two young children, I am excited to see these students learning about environmental protection and advocating for a clean and safe community for all,” Fiedler said. “This is our next generation of leaders, and I was happy to support their civic participation.”