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Eckerd fight Broad-ens

Opposition from Council President Anna Verna, Councilman Frank DiCicco, state Sen. Vince Fumo and a couple hundred residents was not enough to stop the zoning board from approving another drugstore on South Broad...

Invaluable legacy

Some friends of the late Frank Gasparro want to make sure the artist's legacy is engraved in history, much like the designs he created for American currency. The South Philly native was...

Will Philly table IKEA plan?

Relocating to South Jersey. It is a thought many South Philadelphians have entertained, and now Swedish home-furnishings retailer IKEA is pondering the same thing. This summer IKEA announced its interest in the...

Screen saver

In these troubled times that seem to get crazier and darker by the hour, Bernadette Wells has her work cut out for her. The South Philly native and founder of With a Purpose...

Packing emotional ‘Punch’

Punch-Drunk Love Rated R Opening today at area theaters Three-and-a-half reels out of four Punch-Drunk Love is one of those movies that when you try to describe it to friends, you politely...


Sometimes a movie opens to lukewarm reviews but somehow becomes a box-office hit. This is exactly what happened when My Big Fat Greek Wedding opened six months ago, and it's still playing strong in...

The plugged-in Pilot

I'm a latecomer to the whole idea of the DVD. Until very recently, I waltzed right past the little packages in the rental store or library, stubbornly holding on to VHS cassettes that...

Renaissance man

As an artist, inventor and a seeker of knowledge, Leonardo da Vinci was a giant among giants. His curiosity drove him to heights of discovery and creation undreamed of by most and reached...

Ethnic Flavor

South Philadelphia has always been a vibrant multiethnic neighborhood. The bustling community has been enriched by two large waves of immigration resulting in a colorful culinary quilt of flavors. People with roots...


When the Oscars are announced, the camera cuts away from the happy, shining face of the winner to the stunned reactions of the also-rans. An analogy could be made to the 2002 Chevrolet...
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