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Staying on track

It's only fitting that the 110th birthday celebration of the Philadelphia trolley take place in South Philly. After all, the vehicle's local history started here. In 1888, the electric streetcar made its...

Faith healing

Residents in the Whitman area have seen plenty of changes in their neighborhood. Some they like, but many they don't. Topping their list of dislikes is the increasing prevalence of illegal drugs, according...

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers PG-13 Opening at area theaters Wednesday Three-and-a-half reels out of four I remember the first time I saw Errol Flynn in Captain Blood. I was immediately captivated....

Cooks? Get books!

There are three more days of Chanukah and 20 shopping days until Christmas. In other words, time to shop, if you haven't already. The new crop of autumn cookbooks has been abundant and...

Access Hollywood

Seven years ago, John Russo arrived in Los Angeles an unemployed stranger living in a hotel room. Last Thursday, he attended a black-tie Thanksgiving dinner at the Beverly Hills home of the president...

Indonesia Restaurant

Indonesia Restaurant 1029 Race St. 215-829-1400 Credit cards accepted Wheelchair-accessible Open daily for lunch and dinner It is somewhat comforting to partake of a meal whose roots date back more than 300 years. In the...

Auto-dependent Auckland

If it's possible to fall in love with a country, I have. It's a small, bisected Pacific island country with a whole lot of sheep (more per capita than anywhere else in the world),...

One night’s enough

Eight Crazy Nights PG-13 Playing in area theaters Two reels out of four I could have gone a whole lifetime without seeing an adorable herd of animated deer lick a man who's been covered...

Of Mythological proportions

Almost all of us carry as mental baggage some visual imagery that resonates, frequently if not obsessively, throughout our lives. Whether it is a glimpse of a girl in a white dress on the...

Seventh’s deadly sins

Prostitutes defecating in alleyways, homeless men camped out on the steps of area businesses, and even a man who lets his pit bull run loose in the Port Authority field. The Seventh Street...
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