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Voice of the people

27016162 Eva Peron, called "Evita" by those adoring and duped masses, the "shirtless" ones of Argentina, was a woman of remarkable determination, guile and wickedness. Argentina's renowned man of letters, Jorge Luis Borges, characterized...

Plenty to get hooked on

27016157 Finding Nemo G Opening tomorrow at area theaters Three-and-a-half reels out of four Disney/Pixar could easily cruise if it wanted to. After all, with the dearth of good family films these days, people will still...

Side kicks

27016142 We are in the first week of the barbecue season. Memorial Day is the official kickoff and summer is just three weeks away. As the season progresses, we can't think about preheating the...

Ernesto’s 1521 Café

27016137 Ernesto's 1521 Café 1521 Spruce St. 215-546-1521 Credit cards accepted Restaurant is up a flight of stone steps Open for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch Reservations an absolute must In the world of pasta, there's...

Light up a birthday

25598752 Today is my birthday and like Jack Benny, I am 39. Again. Until I was about 10 years old, my parents tossed two parties -- one during the day for my friends and...

Lasting memory

25598757 When John Curry Jr. died in January, family members collected pictures of him and mounted them on two sheets of black posterboard. His wife, Linda Curry, has kept these memorials intact for...

Urban Gardener

Here's a thing I never knew: Orchids are actually related to asparagus ... and to hyacinths, irises and onions, among an absolute ton of other flowering plants. Actually, it even surprised the taxonomists...

Going public

26968022 South Philadelphia is one of those artist enclaves that never gets publicized, never gets a sort of Latin Quarter reputation and will hopefully never turn into one of those places where the boutiques...

Youth & Schools

Winning awards, hearts Roma Otterson's teachers are happy about the upcoming summer break, but they're also upbeat about returning in September. That's because they know Roma, a 17-year-old junior, will be around...

Making waves

26968037 This summer is shaping up to be one of the busiest seasons ever on the Delaware River -- starting with the return of two historic hometown vessels and the launch of the cruise...
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