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Scared straight

Traffic Court has become a popular place this summer. Thanks to the city's Live Stop program, which took effect July 1 and allows police to confiscate cars operated by unlicensed, unregistered drivers, people queue...

Hoa Viet

Hoa Viet 1022 Race St. 215-592-8540 Credit cards accepted A few steps up into restaurant BYOB Open daily 10 a.m.-10 p.m. � When I...

Spoonful of history

Sharpen your No. 2 pencils; it's time to take an ice-cream quiz. The hand-cranked ice-cream churn was invented by: (a) Thomas Jefferson, (b) Benjamin Franklin or (c) Nancy Johnson. The ice-cream soda was...

Reel Life

Theresa Williams wears different hats as director of DiSilvestro Playground -- from social-services worker to mentor -- and this summer she has a new one: film director. Williams is leading 43 youths in...

Not even bronze

With Austin Powers in Goldmember, Mike Myers may have creatively shot his wad with this particular franchise. Although there are certainly decent moments, including a hilarious opening sequence, much of the movie is unfunny...

Tellers in the Loews Hotel

Tellers in the Loews Hotel 12th and Market streets 215-231-7300 Credit cards accepted Wheelchair-accessible Reservations a good idea& One day in 1932, Philadelphians and the world...

The judges are coming!

Your garden either made it into the finals of the City Gardens Contest or it didn't. The first round of judging is over. Awards in the contest, which is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Horticultural...

Hollywood’s hybrid

Hybrid cars are hip. At a recent movie premiere, five Toyota Priuses pulled up next to each other. Larry David, co-creator of Seinfeld and star of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, is just one of...

Somebody’s watching you

During the Revolutionary War, town criers would walk the streets at night to make sure everything was in order. "The town crier historically went around Philadelphia saying, 'All is well, all is well,'"...

Not judging books by their covers

Jacqueline van Rhine, curator of prints and photographs at the Print Center, has put together an exhibition of "artists' books," being shown at Art in City Hall through Sept. 27. She puts a rather...
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