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Consumer choice

25598767 The American consumer has unprecedented choice when it comes to buying a car. By my count, 339 separate car models are on sale in the United States, and that's not even counting the...

Brettski’s choice

Interesting thing about this time of year: The Oscars and income-tax season are both upon us. They might seem very different, but really, they have quite a bit in common. They're decided through...

Party flavors

25598752 Oy vey! Purim and St. Patrick's Day fall on the same day. Now I'm not going to get some crazy idea like adding green food coloring to cookie dough or cake batter (although...

Something to build on

26968037 Seven years from now, Jefferson Square could be a neighborhood populated with diverse economic and ethnic backgrounds, a place where small corner stores thrive and two-story twin homes are bounded by green grass....

Pa. not dying for change

A Pennsylvania Supreme Court-appointed committee last week recommended a moratorium on executions until the state can ensure the death penalty is administered fairly. The report follows a national trend of additional scrutiny...

Racing for First

25598777 The feuding between local factions of the Democratic Party has resulted in a primary challenger for First District Councilman Frank DiCicco. Civic leader Vernon Anastasio filed a nomination petition with the city...

Fire concerns heating up

25598772 The Fire Department had been called 21 times since July to douse the smoldering rubbish buried south of the Platt Bridge. Make that 22 times. Tuesday afternoon, firefighters were called to...

Cool coupe

25598767 Perceptions matter. Republican "communications strategist" Frank Luntz tells his party's candidates not to use the phrase "global warming" because "climate change" sounds much less threatening and "more controllable." But global warming is...

Mission not accomplished

26968027 Agent Cody Banks PG Opening tomorrow at area theaters Two reels out of four Agent Cody Banks is a mediocre movie and I hate mediocre movies even more than really bad ones. "Why?" you might...


25598747 Amici-Noi 236 Market St. 215-627-0588 Credit cards accepted Restrooms down a flight of stairs Last Wednesday evening, when the weather became a bit warmer, Edward and I decided to hop the bus to Old City...
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