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Hometown favorite

The road to stardom is seldom glamorous. And sometimes, it's downright uncomfortable. That's what South Philly's Erica Gagliardi found out while she awaited an audition for the "Philadelphia Idol" contest in the parking lot...

Ship’s ship coming in

The world's fastest cruise ship has been slow to attract anyone who wants it until recently. Now the owner of the SS United States is reporting that it may have a buyer by...

Ex-cop fires back

Hours after a judge found Nelson Aviles not guilty of threatening a fellow police officer with a gun, the former cop was not out celebrating his victory. Aviles was on the phone, calling all...

Don’t trim tradition

Last summer, my friend Marta, who recently moved to Philadelphia from Brazil with her husband and two small children, asked me which is more important in America -- Thanksgiving or Christmas? I told...

His voice travels

After moving numerous times, Carlos Serrano is happily settled down in South Philly. But "settled" is hardly the word for a busy opera singer who spends considerable time south of the border. Serrano...

The beat goes on

Manny Scretching is a panhandler. There is no nice way to put it. But there are plenty of not-so-nice ways to put it and Scretching has heard every one of them at his...

Bridging a controversy

Not so long ago, the biggest problem facing the George C. Platt Bridge was lights -- or more accurately, a lack of them. Motorists have not had illumination on the span for...

Dream car

In 1969 I had my first job delivering Toyota Corollas for a Dodge dealership that had taken on this novel Japanese compact. The owner, who drove a souped-up orange Charger with a vinyl roof,...

From drama to trauma

The Phantom of the Opera at the Forrest Theater is a work of bold and stunning onstage effectiveness. Those who have experienced the show come away with a rapturous lyrical sensation. Andrew Lloyd...

Il Villaggio

Il Villaggio 782 S. Second St. 215-627-7701 Credit cards accepted Wheelchair-accessible You may not be aware that Giovanni and Mama Bertina, who owned La Grolla for many years, have retired. Three months ago, Il Villaggio...
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