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Verna to head political group

The Southeast/Southwest Philadelphia Political Organization (SewPPO) has unanimously elected City Council President Anna C. Verna as its chairperson to replace the late Henry "Buddy" Cianfrani. Cianfrani, a former state senator, created SewPPO -- a caucus...

Teen angst

Sister Paula Beierschmitt, a nun who lives in the convent at St. Monica's Church, called police four times two weeks ago, hoping they would chase away a pack of kids drinking alcohol in...

Up against a wall

A bearded man wearing a multi-colored poncho and a yellow derby drizzled with red paint stands out in a crowd, even on South Street. So it was not surprising when a man standing...

Cruises for sail

Philadelphia possesses a long and proud maritime history. From William Penn sailing up the Delaware River, all the way up to the Philadelphia Navy Yard playing a pivotal role in this country's shipbuilding...

These Sisters’ can act

The Banger Sisters Rated R Opening tomorrow in area theaters Two-and-a-half reels out of four Watching Goldie Hawn and Susan Sarandon go at it in The Banger Sisters is a little like seeing...

Manayunk Brewery & Restaurant

Manayunk Brewery & Restaurant 4120 Main St. (at Shurs Lane) 215-482-8220 Credit cards accepted Wheelchair-accessible Open for lunch and dinner Monday-Saturday Sunday jazz brunch buffet Philadelphia has been a strong brewery town since...

Break from tradition

At sundown on Sunday, Jews throughout the world will begin the 24-hour observance of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. My family and I will savor a full-course Sunday dinner before going to...

Text in the city

Sipping an espresso at the coffee bar inside Fitzwater Caf� at Seventh and Fitzwater streets, Nathaniel Popkin looks every bit the urban author. Wearing stylish small glasses and dressed in a black...

Walking the walk

As I write this, the UN-sponsored World Summit for Sustainable Development is under way in Johannesburg, South Africa, and it's generating all kinds of unusual reactions. South African President Thabo Mbeki warns...

Flunking out

Stealing Harvard Rated R Opening tomorrow in area theaters 0 reels out of 4 (and I'm being nice) I've never been much of a sports fan, but when the NCAA tournament was...
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