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Seeing the lights?

To light or not to light? That is the burning question concerning the George C. Platt Memorial Bridge, known by some as the Passyunk Avenue Bridge. It's an issue that has sparked a...

Street tells tales out of school

Mayor John Street couldn't help grinning when he talked about the protracted negotiations between the School Reform Commission and the company set to take over 45 schools next month. He called it "the...

It’s bindweed, curse it

A gardener's life is not a happy one -- at least sometimes. This year it's been heat and drought, and now the dreaded bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis). I thought I'd gotten rid of the...

Si mangia bene

Several weeks ago, the New York Times Sunday Magazine ran a cover story with the headline: "What if fat doesn't make you fat?" A big juicy steak topped with a pat of butter was...

Brave and Proud

Appearing on the Today show with Matt, Katie, Al and Ann would more than likely make even the most self-assured person a little nervous. After all, millions watch the live NBC morning show...

Tailpipe tactics

The auto industry went into overdrive last week, propelled by highly flammable legislation in California. It seems that the Golden State, which already has the country's toughest emissions laws, passed a new bill that...

Those were the days, already?

Nostalgia is a funny thing. It usually takes 20 years before a trend resurfaces and is re-embraced by the masses. For instance, the sounds and looks of the '50s came back during the...

Support from the home front

Tech. Sgt. Frank Dragon (left) and Staff Sgt. Richard Scavola, both St. John Neumann alums from South Philadelphia, recently crossed paths in the Middle East, where both are serving in the Air Force. Dragon,...

Spy sequel is Double-OK

Aside from its live-action format, what made the first Spy Kids resonate with its audience -- in this reviewer's humble opinion -- was the story. Basically a twist on ordinary people dealing with extraordinary...

Sideline activity

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park has been home to more than picnickers, sunbathers and flocks of birds this summer. Joining the regular park guests have been dump trucks, backhoes and bulldozers hauling tons of...
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