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Editor’s Little Notes

Writing was on the board After years of rumor and gossip, it's finally happening -- the merger of South Philly's only two Catholic high schools....

The year of the blues

Congress has proclaimed this the "Year of the Blues," and the following is a depiction of how an aging blues singer on the Mississippi Delta might express modern-day concerns. An old black woman is...

Two years after 9-11

Photos by Ryan Brandenberg "It has our guard up and that's a good thing. It makes me suspicious of other people. I don't feel bad for the terrorists, but for the innocent victims that...

Queer in the U.S.A.

If you think the trendy popularity of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy means gays have arrived in mainstream America, think again. Think of those horribly unfunny "black" situation comedies on UPN and the...

Phillies and Eagles predictions

Photos by Ryan Brandenberg "The Phillies are going to fail, as usual. The Eagles, though, are headed for a Super Bowl year." Mohamed Safa, Seventh and Morris streets "I think the Phillies' chances are...

Democracy run amok

One of my favorite features in this newspaper is "Word on the Street," where I get to find out what South Philadelphians think about a particular issue. The Aug. 14 survey was especially interesting. Six...

Personal safety

Photos by Ryan Brandenberg "I don't think that the news is going to limit my lifestyle in any way." Jennifer Curcio, Ninth and Christian streets "If they say that crime is going up, then, yeah,...

August 1982

Sometimes the simplest things give life's greatest pleasures. Summer in August of 1982 was much like any other in Wildwood, the days sultry and humid, the nights offering a breeze that blew off the...

Power outage

Photos by Ryan Brandenberg "What can you do? I guess I'd sleep or read a book." Zenobia Toney, 24th Street and Passyunk Avenue "I'd see what the Red Cross was doing to help the situation....


The Eagles already have had a bad couple of weeks and the season hasn't even started yet. You gotta feel bad for a team that has your national security at heart and gets nothing...
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