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Republican majority

Photos by Jules Vuotto "As a Democrat, I don't feel as though the Republicans are for the working people." Vera Poitier, 1400 block S. 18th Street "It's going to give George Bush a bigger...

An honorable man

They held the election in Minnesota on Tuesday without Paul Wellstone. The name isn't well known around these parts, so not many of us mourned the fact. He was a United States senator, and he...

Holiday rush

Photos by Jules Vuotto "I think they force Christmas on us too early." Evelyn McCrae, 1700 block S. 25th Street "I think it's too early. They should start around the middle of November." Jose Santiago,...


The world is a strange place in the middle of the night. Writers of horror stories depend heavily on evil things going bump in the night, but not enough has been said about the...

Govenor’s race

Photos by Jules Vuotto Of course all Republicans because they're more conservative and they'll get the job done." Janice Scipione, Eighth and Dickinson streets "Probably Rendell, because he did a lot for Philly." Tony Nettles,...


Joey was sitting in her wheelchair in the hallway near her room. Nurses' aides hurried by, delivering medication, changing the incontinent, or merely providing solace to someone having a bad dream. Joey's head...

Tales of the city

Growing up in South Philadelphia cloaks a person with a certain mystique. Going back over some personal memories, it is easy for this columnist to understand why ... She was cooking a fresh chicken for...

Defining South Philly

"Restaurants. None in particular, but probably Italian restaurants. There are a lot of cultural restaurants that cater to the particular ethnic groups." --David O'Neill, Front Street and Oregon Avenue "The Mummers Parade. People still associate that...


When we were kids, we'd take a bunch of cookies -- preferably Oreos -- and mash them in a full glass of milk. We called it "zoopadell." The origins of zoopadell escape me (my mom...

Philadelphia pro team

"The Eagles. They have the most complete team right now. They have the players that can do it. It's just a matter of putting it all together." Mike Rocco, 24th and Wolf streets "The Eagles,...
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