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Larry Brown success

"The chemistry is different. Philly teams have no marbles -- when it comes down to crunch time, they choke. They also have way better players than we had." John Ferrari, 17th Street and...


My wife and I recently celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary, an occasion that has prompted friends to request marital advice. Apparently because of that achievement, we are now considered experts. Much as if I live...

Mourning Ronald Reagan

"Reagan will be missed because he did things with the government that nobody had ever done before." Mark Branch, 1900 block of South 20th Street "I think Reagan was one of the worst presidents we...

Neumann-Goretti merger

"I think it's good. They've been talking about it for years, so it's about time." John Russo, 1100 block Mercy Street "I think it's a good idea -- they should be coed to...

Respecting our ethnics

This is a note about the hot summer ahead and the heated letters below -- and the blood that's boiling beneath the surface. As the temperatures are rising, so is the community's crime rate, with...

25 things I learned on Fox News

1. We're winning the war in Iraq. 2. Peter Jennings is part of a Canadian plot to take over America? 3. Our abuse of Iraqi prisoners was no more than a frat-house prank. 4. John Kerry's...

Gay marriage licenses in Massachusetts

"Gay marriages can cause controversy, but we are in the land of the free, so people need to make their own decisions." Charlotte DeCarlo, 1900 blockS. Newkirk Street "I think it is terrible. God...

Kindness kills

All of you know how fond I am of my Uncle Nunzio. You can imagine, then, how much it distresses me to have to issue a warning to any of you who might come...

Tax-reform meetings

"The property tax hurts people on fixed incomes. House values are going up, and so does the tax." Peter A. Pacitti, 20th and Mifflin streets "The property tax keeps going up. We don't have...

Sorting it out

Increasingly I find the opinion of the average American is one of anger toward the Iraqis. Personal politics doesn't seem to matter. The attitude is, "We tried to liberate them, the Iraqis weren't interested....
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