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Iraqi prisoners

"To me, it's showing man's inhumanity to man. They didn't care about life. It's awful and really sad that things have to deteriorate this far. I don't want to pass judgment ." Faye Payne,...

The President’s interpreter

Dear readers, I wanted you to be the first to know. I have been appointed by President Bush to be his special interpreter. This is a unique position created by the President himself and I...

Local political races

"State representative. Babette Josephs was in power for over 20 years and it's time for a change. I like both of the other two candidates, but I'm leaning toward Terry Gillen." Anthony Giunta, 1000...


On Tuesday -- Primary Day in the commonwealth -- I, this paper's official conservative Republican intern, voted for the first time in an election. OK, I know what you're thinking: An 18-year-old...

The deli

He sat in the new deli in Center City eating the creamy whitefish salad, savoring every sodium-laden scoop full. "So is this a real New York deli?" asked an obvious first-time customer at the counter....

Phillies’ new ballpark

"The ballpark will help the team win. The fans are a vital part of the Phillies. If they are excited, the Phillies will win." Denise Day, Chester "The last four games have been...

‘Quirky Alone’

Feminism has been with us for decades. One of the major legacies of feminism is that single women no longer feel as pressured to get married and raise a family. It was not so...

Presence in Iraq

"We should never have gotten involved in it since the beginning -- we're in over our head." Carol Qualtiere, 17th and Bigler streets "I think the overall response has been negative, but we have...


The new passion of the FCC to enforce the obscenity laws surely cannot be the result of the partially exposed breast of Janet Jackson at halftime of the Super Bowl. (Notice I wrote "partially"...

Meaning of Easter and Passover

"To me, it means Christ died for the things we go through now and for the advantages we have. I think people need to take a serious look at themselves and how they...
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