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It’s not dark yet

My column "Iraq is not Vietnam" was written two days after we invaded that country. In attempting to debunk the anti-war movement's myth that Iraq would be another catastrophe for U.S. interests similar to...

Same-sex marriages

"If that is what they want to do, then to each his own." Laura Bowie, 2100 block Mercy Street "I think they should marry who they want to marry." Kay Phanhyseng, 24th and Ritner streets "I think...

Understanding Sports (or Things I Never Learned on ESPN)

The first rule of understanding sports in America is that there is football and then there are all the other sports. Only by understanding the true importance of football can you understand why some...

Former POW Jessica Lynch

Photos by Jules Vuotto "It's very sad -- some people tried to make it like she was raped and others not. I think the publicity was hyped up too much." Donna DiDomenico, 1700 block...

Cape May autumn

Cozy Morley's Way to Cape May is bursting with shades of orange, red and gold this time of year. On a weekday, as you would expect, the traffic is as thin as the frosty...

Mayor vote

Photos by Jules Vuotto "Mayor Street, because he put more protection with police officers on the street." Theresa Bolton, 2200 block S. Hemberger Street "Sam Katz, because I'm a Republican." Sandra Dougherty, 2800 block...

What this election is really about

To understand what Tuesday's election for mayor is about, we must first understand what it is not about. This election should not be about whether the next mayor is black or white. You would think...

Number one issue for the mayor

Photos by Jules Vuotto "Health insurance, because people should be eligible for it whether they work or not. Everyone should be eligible." Cynthia Delvillano, 2700 block Alder Street "The public school system needs to...

A whiter shade of pale

My wife's favorite color is stark white. The whiter, the better. I have often wondered whether this love of whiteness has psychological origins. Uncle Nunzi thinks she fell in love with a polar bear...

Street administration federal investigation

Photos by Jules Vuotto "It is obviously quite important. The plan backfired and people are going to vote for the one they should instead of the other one." Alice Shockley, 1600 block Wharton Street "I...
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