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Goin’ colorblind

What we don't need right now in this country is a divisive battle over affirmative action. But that is precisely what we have right now. The Bush administration's intervention into the University of Michigan...

Most romantic thing

"I was married on Valentine's Day, 61 years ago." Josephine Solgina, 10th and Mifflin streets "I went out with my wife." Philip Harrison, 2700 block S. Mole Street "My husband gave me a surprise 50th birthday party at...


Remember when the only people who had passwords were spies in trench coats with their collars turned up? Now, if you operate a computer at your job (and who doesn't?), you need a password. It...

Sixers’ coach stay or go

"He'll probably stay ... you can't have two players scoring and the rest of the team just standing around." Bruce Geiger, 1800 block S. 20th Street "They're a bunch of stiffs, that's why he should...


The word "fair" can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. What's fair to you might not seem fair to me. Where you stand depends a lot on...

Rendell’s first issue to tackle

"Probably education, improving the schools." Brian Barrish, Front and Porter streets "I'd like to see him try to get the wage tax down in the city." Gerald Williams, 2600 block Federal Street "See if maybe...

Caught in a trap

President Bush has been backed into a corner and has no one to blame but himself. Support in this country for getting rid of Saddam Hussein fades with each passing day, even while the...

NFC Championship

"I think they were overconfident, with all the hype about Tampa Bay not winning in the cold and the Eagles." Andre Brown, 2800 block Winton Street "I feel they were overconfident. They played not to...

Hot off the wire

Periodically I will share some inside journalistic scoops I have uncovered in the twilight of my mediocre career. Resemblance to real persons or situations is merely coincidental. Eagles coach wins Wing Bowl Andy Reid added the...

NFC Championship Game

"24-10, Eagles, and they'll play the Raiders." Bobby Jackson, 1700 block S. Colorado Street "24-17, Eagles, and I'll say Tennessee." Nicole Jackson, 1700 block S. Colorado Street "24-10, Eagles, and I think they'll play the Raiders." William...
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