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Questions for God

I have a few questions that no one else can seem to answer, so I thought I'd go right to the top: Why give free will to someone who has trouble making up his mind? OK,...

Editor’s choice

I really hate Jimmy Buffett. I mean, I don't know the guy personally, but I really hate his music. Wasting A-waaay in Margaritaville does nothing for me. Calling his fans "Parrotheads" is just...


Scraps from a bunch of columns that never made it into the newspaper. Item: Mayoral hopeful Sam Katz poses next to a large pothole and rips the Street administration for not being prepared for...

War against Iraq

"Yes. We gave them too many chances. had time to reveal the weapons he had. We need to get him before he does something to us." Kim Iannacone, 2700 block Cleveland Street "I'm really praying...

What’s cooking?

Despite his love affair with the roadside produce stands of South Jersey, Uncle Nunzi is not a man of gourmet tastes. He is a man who believes that a good breakfast begins with an...

Suspected 9-11 mastermind

"It doesn't affect anything. They should find out what he knows and do whatever the law calls for." Frank Tripovi, Front and Porter streets "It might make it worse or it could make things better. He...

A compassionate conservative

Our dog Tuddy just left me a "gift" -- in my sneaker, no less. Oh, well ... When there's ice and snow on the ground, in the canine world it's any port in a...

Recent nightclub tragedies

"I would look where the exits are. Just like when you are at a hotel, you look at the floor plan." Richard Bernard, 2600 block S. Hicks Street "After I find where the exits are, I...

Lost in space

After burying the brave astronauts from the Columbia, the refrain from our president, NASA and heroes such as Buzz Aldrin and John Glenn continues to be, "We must move forward." Indeed, even the grieving...

Snowstorm experience

"I got to spend three days at home with my wife and kids. I work five days a week and I am always getting home late, so it's tough to spend time with them....
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