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Doing the Disney thing

My ordeal at Chuck E. Cheese's about a month ago served much like boot camp to prepare me for our trip to Disney World. Actually, they should send grandparents to Camp Lejeune for seven...

Santorum’s comments on homosexuality

"I think he should be allowed to say what he wants to say. It's freedom of speech. I think he didn't think before he spoke. I am sure he regrets it now." Laurel Scafidi, 28th...

Traffic court

Every citizen ought to spend a day in traffic court, whether or not they have violated one of the numerous laws on the books regulating motor vehicles. Traffic court is your democratic system at...

Best chance at championship

"I still have to say the Eagles. Top to bottom, they've still got a lot of good players, and the draft is coming up soon so they can fill holes." Dave Gambacorta, 3100 block S....

Iraq War legacy

"I think people will start praying more. If there's a man of God over there , everything will turn out all right." Rosena Foster, 20th and Opal streets "If the United States can help in the...

President Martin Sheen

The world of make-believe often gets mixed up with real life. Fans sometimes see their Hollywood and TV heroes as more real than imaginary. Tales were often told about the letters addressed to Sherlock...


"Supporting my country, but not . It's a waste of lives and puts people in danger." Benjamin Smith, 20th Street and Passyunk Avenue "Supporting my country. I am for and this war." Edith Fortuna, 20th...

Adventures at Chuck E. Cheese’s

If you don't have young children or grandchildren, you may not have experienced Chuck E. Cheese's. I had lived 64-plus years without venturing into a Chuck E. Cheese's, but on a recent Saturday my...

Media’s war coverage

"There is too much information coming across. If I am seeing it, so is somebody else overseas. It is good that we are kept informed; sometimes I think it is just too much." Spike Whitaker,...

Iraq is not Vietnam

Only a couple of days into our invasion of Iraq, it was evident that people on both sides of the war issue were drawing the wrong comparisons with our failed effort in Vietnam. Jonah Goldberg,...
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